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There are a lot of milestones in this episode—none of which are tackled conventionally. Charlotte attempts to tap-dance her way through a divorce. Miranda “fakes” a sonogram (“Everyone else is glowing about my pregnancy, when will I?”), and Carrie has an allergic reaction to the prospect of marriage—breaking out in a rash after trying on a puff-sleeved, rhinestone-covered wedding dress. Samantha, on the other hand, finds herself considering monogamy after falling for toxic bachelor archetype Richard. Of the many Sex and the City episodes that function as a paean to New York, “Anchors Away” is the most enjoyable to watch. (Notably, the team filmed it just after 9/11.) Having given birth in the previous season’s finale, Miranda adjusts to the realities of motherhood, in spite of telling the other girls to just think of Brady “as a big purse,” while the rest of the girls cruise sailors in honor of Fleet Week, with both Samantha and Charlotte taking the opportunity to turn flasher for the night. It also features the iconic scene in which Samantha posts angry flyers about Richard cheating all over Manhattan, with the support of a female member of the NYPD.

Billy strings bluestem amphitheater 2022 shirt

If you’re into gallows humor, this is your episode. After Miranda’s mother suddenly dies of a heart attack in Pennsylvania, Charlotte becomes the “Martha Stewart of death”; Samantha runs through 1,001 sex positions with the wrestling coach from NYU in search of her “lost” orgasm; and Carrie is spectacularly awful to Aidan, even after he purchases her a fabulously retro turquoise MacBook (with handle) when her old computer dies. It’s worth revisiting just for the moment when Samantha casually damns her fellow suburban mourners with the phrase, “Well, I’m not gonna find my orgasm in this town.” While certain Sex and the City subplots have aged badly, Miranda’s back and forth over whether to move forward with a pregnancy in “Coulda Woulda Shoulda” is handled with incredible sensitivity. Ditto Charlotte’s frustration over struggling to conceive, and Carrie’s qualms about telling Aidan that she had an abortion as a 22-year-old. Bringing some welcome comic relief: Samantha, who spends most of the episode in pursuit of a Birkin, only to find herself at odds with her client, Lucy Liu, after she uses the A-lister’s name to jump Hermès’s famously long waitlist.

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No other Sex and the City episode quite matches up to this one when it comes to guest appearances. (Not even the L.A. ones can compare.) There’s Mario Cantone as Anthony Marentino, brought in to help organize the launch party for Carrie’s first essay collection; Amy Sedaris as her headset-wearing, ridiculously thirsty publisher (“All of Condé Nast is coming, including GQ—which has actual straight men”); and Candice Bergen returns as Carrie’s Vogue editor, the Miranda Priestly prototype Enid Frick. Dating Jack Berger enabled Carrie to work a truly insane number of puns into her column—“The only thing as delicious as those first few bites of a truly great burger are those first few dates with someone truly great, like Berger… ”—so it’s almost a relief when he dumps her in “The Post-It Always Sticks Twice.” The girls’ lengthy discussion of this romantic faux pas—“I remember when breaking up over the phone was considered bad form”—makes you wonder how Carrie would ever cope with being ghosted, and Smith’s visit to TLR is peak Y2K nostalgia.

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