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Thus the USSR going into Afghanistan is operating on poor assumptions made on the basis of poor observations of Marx. And it gets worse. In Afghanistan, in the 1980s there is no “industrial revolution” at all as we know it. Even guns were made by individual craftsmen in owner-operated gun smithing shops. The USSR failed to realize this. The USSR had promoted and virtually installed the Communist Government in Kabul and really and truly believed that this was a “people’s government”. Being Communist, that government was atheist, being atheist that government was reviled by the people it pretended to govern. When the Civil war broke out there the USSR failed to recognize that war as a “civil war”. The Government asked for aid in dealing with some civil unrest. The USSR went in there thinking they were acting as “the saviors of The Workers”. Oh boy. 50 thousand or so dead in less than 10 years and they never admitted that they were just propping up a tin-plated dictatorship with delusions of Godhood.

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Ukraine. Putin has been opining for years that it was a “geopolitical catastrophe” when the Soviet Union collapsed because it left 40 million Russian nationals as citizens of foreign countries. He has wanted to be the savior of those 40 million Russians and has not avoided saying so. His move in Ukraine is aimed at being the savior of all those ethnic Russians languishing (supposedly) under the burden of the Tyranny of the Ukraine Govt. By all accounts now Putin and his government and his military leadership really did and many still do believe that they are “saving” ethnic Russians in Ukraine. They have expected, and I believe many still believe that the ethnic Russians in Ukraine would “Rise UP” and welcome the Russian Army as liberators. Being a real historian I really want to draw a conclusion here, but dang I need to avoid that. I can’t say “it’s another Afghanistan” but day there are some really strong similarities. But there are a huge number of differences as well. Putin’s wealth (every Ruble of it, including his shack on the Black Sea), and the excess wealth of anyone in Russia with over … maybe … a hundred million US dollars (precise figure debatable) goes towards rebuilding Ukraine. Support will also be needed from the rest of the world.

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The UN supervises general elections for a new democratic government in Russia. The new government can deal with other Russian war criminals. The Russian invasion of Ukraine can not be categorized as Biden’s war for the very simple reason that neither Biden nor the Americans are at war. Their involvement is only in support of the Ukrainians. Biden has taken on a leadership role in support of the Ukrainians and has done what some thought was impossible uniting the Europeans and quickly after that the rest of the world against the Russians not only isolating the Russians but through sanctions torpedoing the Russian economy destroying it so quickly and thoroughly that it will take years in not decades to rebuild. Countries that usually remain neutral like the Swiss are not this time. The Ukrainian President has been an incredible leader and Biden has used that passion to unite the world but Biden has also got to ensure that the war doesn’t escalate to the point that nuclear weapons become involved creating a situation that nobody wants. Putin has implied that he would use nuclear weapons if needed and that would happen if the other countries get involved. A no-fly zone is considered escalation by the Russians. This is Putin’s war because he created it, planned it, and started it. The Russian people don’t understand why they are at war and Putin’s explanation doesn’t make sense to anyone. Definitely, this is Putin’s war because he instigated it and only he can stop it. NATO was sent to Afghanistan by the United Nations to lead the ISAF operation on 11 August 2003, after the US and British militaries had attacked the country in 2001 and toppled the Taleban regime. NATO wasn’t asked to join the war effort. The purpose of the ISAF was to enable the Afghan government to provide effective security across the country and develop new Afghan security forces. From 2011, responsibility for security was gradually transitioned to Afghan forces, which took the lead in security operations across the country by the summer of 2013. The transition process was completed and Afghan forces assumed full security responsibility at the end of 2014 when the ISAF mission was completed.

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A new, smaller non-combat mission (“Resolute Support”) was launched on 1 January 2015 to provide further training, advice, and assistance to the Afghan security forces and institutions. You mean ‘attacking” not “attracting”…..but it has already been explained various times by various countries and by various international Quorans….but it is either/or because the Ukrainian homeland was/is the original Russian homeland and through Putin’s mind, Ukraine does not exist. The other reason, of at least 4 reasons, is that Russian intelligence had noticed that there was an assortment of Ukrainian neo-nazis that had/has a small contingent of neo-nazi soldiers who, if true and not baloney, was going to attack the Russian Motherland, and therefore Putin’s invasion preempted this so-called attack from Ukraine.

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There are other reasons, but I do not have the time to continue multi-paragraphically…and they are in other Quoran’s posts right now. The only war, a global campaign, years in planning, is against every non-WEF UN nation citizen. A handful of parasite cockroaches against billions, manipulating media information (opiate of the masses) to pull it off. Gas pump and fuel prices are now soaring in developed UN countries because that’s the purpose. Two years of lockdowns, masks, distancing, unemployment, and bankruptcy, is the objective. Putin didn’t raise gas prices in the US, UK, France, Canada, all over. Each nation’s WEF parasite leadership did. The cost of living is artificially rising beyond affordable because the WEF cockroaches, from Biden to Macron to Scholz, all groomed by WEF, want the average individual to crumble in debt. The WEF knows that the average UN citizen is stupid and weak enough to believe anything. To believe a “virus” can leap out of a bat in a Wuhan outdoor seafood market and somehow spread around the world’s ~197 million square mile surface. The average individual is engineered into stupid by years of MSM propaganda and ignorant factory schooling. They’re sheep before the “Covid” academic propaganda is rolled out. They’re sheep trained to despise and distrust everything Russian before Putin walks into Ukraine.


Many many people think the catchphrase is “Workers of The World Unite…”. But the footnote says that is incorrect. It is supposed to be “Proletarians of all countries, Unite!” In Russian leadership was missing that point. The leadership of the USSR reasoned that this revolution of workers was going to happen and would succeed in a predestined manner. The Russian revolutionaries themselves simply ignored that most of the “workers” in Russia were farmers, not industrial workers. Far worse was Marx’s definition of a “proletarian” as the lowest level of a society’s working class with no skills and illiterate. Marx was completely wrong. A factory worker in a factory in the early 1800s was a very skilled person. They HAD TO BE, to make it home for dinner every night. Those machines were dangerous and required a great deal of skill to keep running and avoid having the machine eat you.