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He never admitted the election was legitimate. But he did throw a fit, hit the surface repeatedly, refuse to explicitly condemn the insurrectionists, and whine about how difficult the words “yesterday” and “defile” are for him to read. Having Mexico pay for his wall, breaking up with NATO, canceling the Nuclear agreement with Iran, negotiating with the Saudis to reduce oil production for two years, agreeing with the Taliban to release 5,000 prisoners before agreeing to withdraw from Afghanistan in May 2021, telling us citizens that the coronavirus would be gone by spring of 2020 therefore not providing a comprehensive program to battle the virus, supporting white supremacists just to name a few. When the twice charged with fake evidence made up by the Democrats. It’s charged again with fake evidence since there was no attempted coup at least by Donald Trump Democrats and their brainwashed minions will whine and cry again. The only attempted coup was made by the Democrats and they’re trying to frame Donald Trump with Rush inclusion and impeach him and then their second attempted coup regarding the Ukrainian phone call where Adam shiff lied his ass off.

Trump did a great job with Covid, he shut travel down to China in June 2020 unfortunately he was accused by Biden and the Democrats of being a racist but it had to be done. His other great achievement in Covid was starting operation warp speed which brought a vaccine to market in record time, saving millions of lives in the states and around the world. The Jan sixth is just theatre it’s a demonstration that got out of hand. People who believe it’s an insurrection watch too much CNN. Anyone who thought the unarmed band of misfits was somehow going to take over the US government and reinstall Trump as president well let’s just say that’s laughable. CNN says interaction hundreds of times a day hoping that if they say it enough it will come true. They didn’t learn their lesson from the Russia Russia hoax they ran for over two years. This Jan six thing is going to bite him in the ass as well. I think a more fitting punishment for Cheeto boy would be to force him to watch 24/7 reruns of the sitcoms Maude and the Golden Girls on a TV that he couldn’t shut off, change the channel, or mute. One of the rarest times when Donald J. Trump was correct even though his description can apply to him too. Mitch is loyal to Mitch, just as Donald is loyal only to Donald. Throughout his political life, Mitch has used people from local Louisville Republicans and the late great John Sherman Cooper to Donald Trump (given Trump’s voter turnout in Kentucky). Donald Trump used people too, to get ahead.

They can make a million accusations and base them all on the opinions of others, but when it comes to actual charges? None. There was no link between rioters and any government officials and the alternate electors was a legal path that was only to be used if fraud was proven in those states. Also, every battleground state now has an official investigation into ballot trafficking/stuffing drop boxes. 3 arrests/ convictions in 2 states and a search warrant were issued in illegal ballot harvesting operations while this committee spewed its nonsense.

As far as charges, the committee is being clear about one thing. It comes down to another “Corrupt intent” situation.. which means that as long as Trump believes the election was stolen, then he broke no law. In fact, in his mind, he was trying to save the country from the cabal that spent 4 years running a Seditious Conspiracy to manufacture cause to oust a sitting President. It was a coup and it was all based on lies, purposefully told to America. Trump was the best President we’ve had in at least 60 years. The former president is thinking about standing again. While I’d love to laugh at the idea of him winning a second time, the polls offer a heavy note of caution Say what you like about Melania Trump, the woman is consistent. She displayed zero interest in being the first lady in 2016, and it seems she has zero interest in being a first lady ever again.

No. A court-martial is a military proceeding under the Uniform Code of Military Justice; a court must e convened under the authority of a superior officer to the person accused, and that code (law) applies only to uniformed members of the US Armed Forces. The President is not subject to the UCMJ, there is no one who has “convening authority” over him and he cannot be tried under that law. Recent testimony tells us that multiple people asked trump to intervene and “cool things down.” Instead, he spent 187 minutes watching the incident on television, reportedly with a smile on his face. Why would Trump denounce the supremacy of the black race? Black people literally built America from the ground up. The influence of the Black pharaohs, my direct ancestors, can be found everywhere in American society. The white lepers think it belongs to them because they don’t know the real history.


If they had done this by the end of 2023, they would have the advantage of time, since people would have the hearings fresh at the time of the polling. It makes me sad to see how stupid the Democrats are. and I am not talking about them being leftist, you could be a leftist and still be smart. For analysis of US Presidents, I turn to the people who study presidential leadership and policies. The most recent survey of Presidential scholars is one of the ones that rank every President on a whole bunch of attributes, many of which are pertinent to this question: