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I’ve never seen a dog grieve a human. I’ve seen dogs grieve other dogs. It’s hard. Our Reilly and Kizzy were best buds. It was really sweet. When Kizzy died, we made sure Reilly could sniff his body. In the following days, Reilly became depressed and very sad. He spent most of his time curled up in a ball, looking sad. He never tried searching for Kizzy, though. He knew. We got another dog about two weeks later, but the new dog didn’t like him at first, and Reilly was heartbroken. Gradually, though, the new dog came around. They aren’t close the way Kizzy and Reilly were, but she does cuddle with him and sometimes plays with him. He still seems sad in a way he didn’t before, but he’s not depressed. From this and other dog losses I’ve seen, I suspect that there is no way to make grief truly easy, but that a dog can get through it as long as they know what happened and have a new companion to meet their immediate needs. The passenger had arrived from Bali – in Indonesia – where there is a current outbreak of foot and Mouth Disease in their cattle – which would do billions of dollars of damage to Australia’s cattle industry should it get to Australia. As a very frequent international traveler, I have often purchased “things overseas – BUT I will always declare them on arrival. 95% of the time I can keep them, but 3% of the time, they need to be “treated” in some way, and then I can keep them, AND in about 2% of the cases, I have had to surrender them.

The Best of anything is a matter of opinion. Best big dogs are determined by how big you want to talk about. German Shepherds are big dogs and one of the favorites around the world. Great Danes are big dogs that are very popular. There are XL American bullies who get pretty big. Giant Schnauzers are some of if not the smartest big dogs I have ever seen. Saint Bernard dogs have always been popular big dogs. I have seen a lot of Great Pyrenees dogs lately they seem to make good pets and great farm dogs. I tend to favor Rottweilers myself. I think they are some of the best dogs in the world but I grew up with Rottweilers. Cane Corsos are also pretty good dogs. American Bulldogs are some of the best working/farm dogs by far. South African Boerboels will keep lions at bay to protect families in Africa some might call those the best big dogs. I know a lot of Dogo Argentino enthusiasts that would say Dogo is the best big dog. English mastiffs are always good big dogs. Sylvester Stallone would say that Bull Mastiffs are the best big dogs in the world. It’s a matter of opinion. Don’t get a dog from a pet store! If you are going to buy a dog, buy direct from a good breeder. See the puppy with its mother, and get full details of the parents’ health (hip scores, etc., but what is important depends on the breed). If you decide to get rescued the rescuing organization should be able to tell you about the dog’s history, health, and character. The dog will probably be a bit older, so may have already developed some good and bad behaviors (e.g. it may already be house trained, but it may have decided it hates or is afraid of, particular situations).

Either way, remember that owning a dog is a long-term commitment, and quite expensive, so do your research first, and know what you are getting. (I just discovered that this question was created by the Quora prompt generator, not a person; however, I think my answer still stands). I’m so happy for you that you can now experience the true unconditional love a pet provides. I’ve been blessed with many wonderful dogs and cats ( and a couple of horses) in my life and my current and most likely last dog is the best one I’ve ever had. Due to MS and other health issues, I’ll probably never get another dog but there’s nothing like the love and loyalty they provide. Again, congratulations to you and your new friend!

UP TO about five or six days. Beyond that, their nervous system really starts to work and it would cause a lot of pain, which would be cruel. Also, the dewclaws are not attached by hard structure this young, so it’s just a matter of snipping them off. No bone or strong tendon, yet. Breeders who do dewclaws and dock tails know this and general do both at the same time. The puppies are put back with mom and go right back to doing itty bitty puppy things without a care in the world. Editing to add, that I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that only a licensed veterinarian, or a very experienced and knowledgeable breeder who has LEARNED from a licensed veterinarian over the years, should be doing any tail and toes. This is NOT something to do yourself. You CAN cause severe damage and later impairment if you try and get it wrong.

By letting their tongue hang out and breathing rapidly, dogs expedite the evaporation process of moisture from their tongue, mouth, and upper respiratory tract. This evaporation helps to cool your dog down and regulate temperature. Neither, the entire Eeveelution line is designed off of fennec Foxes Considering it’s a real animal it can’t perfectly translate all its features to the Eeveelutions but you’ll notice that the ears are pretty consistently taller and wider than normal ears on small animals like this would be. I believe a fox was the best option for Eevee’s inspiration considering they are kind of the best of both cats and dogs, like dog hardware running on cat software There is a tendency for people to think that cats are solitary and aloof creatures who don’t really bond to people. Therefore, if circumstances change, eg, a house move, for some people it is easier just to abandon or surrender a cat than to have to deal with the business of acclimatizing them. And I fear that for some, the appeal of a cute little kitten soon wears off when it becomes a big adult that scratches the furniture and doesn’t want to be cuddled. And it has to be said that cats can and do wander off. I wonder how many cats taken to a shelter as a stray are actually someone’s loved pet that has gone walkabout for a couple of days and which would have found its way home. But one of the biggest reasons that cats are surrendered is that their owner has died or gone into a care home. A lot of elderly people living alone have a cat for company. Unfortunately, although relatives might make the effort to adopt Auntie’s little dog when she dies, they may not feel the same about her cat — see my first point above.


You must have seen this kind of video: a cute kitten or puppy is sitting in front of a TV series and watching it seriously, as seriously as yourself. However, as a pure and cute kitten, what are they watching? First of all, it must be stated that as small animals that rely heavily on smell and hearing, their eyesight is indeed not very good. On the one hand, cats and dogs are very short-sighted. What humans can see clearly at about 1 meter, dogs have to approach 27 centimeters to see clearly. On the other hand, although they are not colorblind, the colors in the eyes of cats and dogs are far less abundant than those of humans. They can only distinguish blue-violet and yellow-green well, but cannot distinguish red, which is somewhat similar to human red-green blindness.