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Now I don’t know how you know he is obsessed with masks, but I’m glad if he is. We would have benefited from a POTUS who models proper behavior in February of 2020. Trump would win because it’s a childish game and trump would cheat (because that’s what he does) while Biden would not even play as he would be busy actually being president. by the way, Monopoly is a very basic game, with a little strategy, and a simple way to win (get the property on the purple/orange side and build houses/hotels). Trump would go for boardwalk and park place, the most expensive properties, go bankrupt a few times as he desperately tries to build hotels, however, no one will loan him money but the Russians. So yeah Trump is a loser in every way.

Quora does not question anyone’s anything. There are dedicated spaces within Quora that do so. You have the option of following specific spaces or opting out if it’s not your cup of tea. There is any number of spaces that are focused on Biden too. They still congratulate themselves for “getting rid of Nixon” and were rarely fair to Reagan. They were fully biased against W but decided to completely suspend the principles of professionalism as journalism with the advent of Donald Trump. The Swamp in DC largely sets its directions via key corporate board members, many of whom are governess. We get what we are allowed or told to get, period. I suspect even a few of the more noted broadcasters like Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and Sebastian Gorka, et. al., have limits imposed on them from the swamp:

G. Gordon Liddy, the most knowledgeable political broadcaster ever on the airwaves publicly supported the Warren Commission Report when interviewing Gerald Posner for his nonsensical Case Closed book, supporting their findings on the JFK assassination. Liddy was the insider’s insider, who probably had more information on U. S. government dealing than J. Edgar Hoover did. Liddy knew though, that there are folks so unscrupulous in America, determined to keep the real facts secret that his grandchildren would be in danger if he talked. I doubt anyone threatened him directly; a simple observation about Posner from the right quarter, with maybe a note about one of those kids’ school repairs, would have been plenty. Liddy was not stupid. This is all to point out we certainly need to have the Swamp drained but the plumber will need cajones of granite and a spine of titanium. In the meantime, it’ll be bull Schiff as usual. More commonly it describes an agreement between two parties who are satisfied they both reached comfortable positions on an issue that divided them.

The top and trump push a lot of their programs. Roads and bridges will fall. They will do away with the EPA and any kind of envoi mental laws. Companies would be allowed to dump whatever into rivers and streams, the air will be brown again. There will be no government health care, minimum wage, and SS. We would withdraw from the world The wealthy and rich wouldn’t pay taxes public schools would exist. Neither would food stamps or welfare and we would really need them. Instead, I imagine that you consider Biden incapable of any intelligent decision-making and that this is all being done by some “puppet-master(s)”. Remember the Trump term in office? We had countless articles and books based on White House sources reporting on Trump’s behavior in office. Where are the insider reports of Soros or Obama or AOC formulating White House policy on Biden’s behalf?

It became popular because one could clearly hear what was being said and a left-leaning sports reporter tried to tell the world an Orwellian lie. The second would be finding a right-leaning sports reporter who would hear “Fuck George Bush” and claim that the crowd was chanting “let’s go Kobe”. They don’t exist. Neilia Hunter Biden was tragically killed along with her one-year-old daughter in a car crash when she pulled out in front of a tractor. Her husband was not in the car. Are there no depths to which Trumpist like you will not sink? Do you never wonder why normal people around the world hold you in such scathing contempt?


Not just small arms as the democratic party elite wanted. And the attention to China given by Trump brought it to people’s attention and the people were watching so the flow of information has tried to a trickle for China which is putting them behind schedule on their carrier and related systems and has interfered with her being able to try and develop an in-house jet engine for their stealth fighter and instead having to rely on 10-year-old technology out of Russia which is not doing too well since the embargoes are starting to take effect. China supplies them with ICs for missiles and other weapon systems but instead of state-of-the-art, it’s tech that’s ten years and more behind the west. This is why Taiwan is under such a serious threat of invasion. They control the state-of-the-art chip facilities and if China can seize those they have the west over a barrel and that has caused the west to divide its time to spread fabrication out around the globe and not concentrated just off the coast of China and almost under their thumb. So at the moment no they don’t Biden has shown them that he’s not only corrupt, but unable to control his own party but also weak and unable to control the government and their plans played out over decades so they could have unfettered access to Western technologies and skip over the development costs and the trial and error necessary to catch up to the West and there’s still going to stay behind us by decades so at the moment their love for Biden is about the same as the Democrats love of trump there is none they’re hoping he will fail in that Clinton will get elected the Clinton’s already shown that she is such a witch or bitch however you want to look at it that nobody would vote for her except for the Democrat and that’s just because she’s a female has nothing to do with qualification they just want a woman in the office so that they can show the world that they’re the equal of any Nation while in reality they’re the equal of any idiot even our allies don’t like their woke and canceled agendas or don’t care for BLM. Well, the rest of the world thanks Biden is worse than Trump ever was and Biden is just a failure waiting to happen and an idiot and shouldn’t be allowed to be in charge of trash collection. I have a friend who will speak as your question does. She knows what everyone is thinking and when she states someone is obsessed with something, I know better than to argue with her. But I don’t know you and unless you work in the POTUS support circle, I highly doubt you know whether he is obsessed with masks.